Looking for an opportunity to best position avocados as an important and nutritious food for athletes to include in their diet for peak performance.


Targeting the All Blacks within the Super 12 teams and sending them a creative New Zealand Avocado influencer kit that inspired them to post positively on their social channels.

The packages contained an apron with Eat Avocados, Play Rugby, Sleep, Repeat emblazoned on it, with the client’s logo and the All Black’s name. We included a smoothie maker, avocado smoothie recipes and a tray of avocados alongside a friendly and informative letter from Jen Scoular, the CEO of NZ Avocado.


10 All Blacks were so impressed, they posted across their social channels about the send out. Many of them were wearing the aprons.

Millions of kiwis saw these endorsements and long term endorser relationships with All Blacks have been established.

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