I’m definitely no health and fitness expert but having been a competitive swimmer for 10 years when I was younger I have a life-long passion for keeping fit and being conscious of what I put in my body – most of the time 🙂

Swimming instilled a high level of discipline in me. Spending the majority of my teenage years getting up at 4.30am, doing 10 sessions of training a week with regular competitions as well as school left me in a constant state of exhaustion – one that I’m now grateful for as nothing has ever really been as hard since!

Now that I’m living back in my hometown of Mt Maunganui after eight years in Auckland, I’m loving the amazing lifestyle it offers. Being able to run up and around the Mount every day, then jump in the sea is priceless – I actually think I’m a bit addicted to it. Hey there’s worse addictions right? Like my coffee one. Give me a rice milk flat white over a Riesling any day though.

Here at Village I’m lucky to be able to work with the likes of everyone’s favourite super fruit – the amazing avocado alongside the fantastic team at NZ Avocado, as well as Blueberries NZ – yes we are a bit of a green-grocer agency! Blueberries NZ also took on Eliza McCartney as their brand ambassador this year so that’s been a really fun and satisfying project to be a part of.

We have also just recently started some work with Kiwano Horned Melons – these exciting new wonder-fruits are pretty amazing for your health and are delicious too – tasting like a mix of a banana, passionfruit and lime.

There really is nothing better than working with brands and products you love and I’m very grateful to work for companies that align with my lifestyle.