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We are the communications agency behind
Avocados NZ — 90,000 more households started
buying avocados compared to last season.

Want to learn how we influenced the nation
to fall in love with avocados and how
to achieve this for your brand?

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About Us

We believe in being aggressively
open-minded and this
non-judgemental way of
thinking fuels our creativity.

Client Testimonials


“Village PR have been a strong partner of NZ Avocado over the past 6 years. They have anticipated our needs, pushing the boundaries with us about what we might and can achieve.

Not only that, they are fun, they are innovative, we laugh with and at ourselves as we brainstorm new and sometimes crazy ideas about how we raise the visibility of our industry and the amazing avocado.

They deliver, they work with us not for us and they deserve recognition as a terrific PR agency.”

Jen Scoular – CEO, NZ Avocado

In one year 90,000
more New Zealand
households started
buying avocados than
the previous year

We are the agency
behind helping Rotorua
get it’s mojo back with
an increase of over
190 million in income
over the last year!


“Village have helped us on the journey to achieving over 170,000 Facebook fans and more recently came up with an idea that garnered over 33,000,000 views around the world when we hosted Jordan Webster aka “How to DAD” and it’s resulting video. Village PR have been an extremely valuable asset and very much a partner in every sense of the word on this journey. They listen to their clients’ needs and deliver over and above what is required. It is great to work with such a proactive and passionate team of people.”

Tom Worsp – Consumer Marketing Manager, Destination Rotorua

Case Studies


We created the concept a ‘Very Dairy Christmas’ along with a recipe book and sent this to 23 key influencers, bloggers and media with all of the ingredients and tools required to make the trifle. Check out the results here.
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We wanted to position avocados as an important and nutritious food for athletes to include in their diet for peak performance so we targeted the All Blacks and sent them an avocado influencer kit to inspire them to post on their social channels. Check out the results here.
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We wanted to create awareness and excitement around the opening of Motion Entertainment. A campaign combining a year-long Facebook strategy, PR, marketing and advertising was used as well as utilising Julian Dennison as the celebrity attraction. Check out the results here.
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As a Millennial working in the media ‘sphere’, it’s hard not to notice all the media chatter about my spoiled generation and our apparently

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I consider myself a citizen of the world – born in Argentina, lived in America for over 10 years and finally ending up in New Zealand and making it my home.

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