Greetings from the Garden City!

“Working from home is like working in an office, but you get to sleep in and you can wear pyjamas all day long.” – Niki Walsh.

Just over a year ago, I moved to Christchurch to be with my brand-new husband who is stationed at Burnham Military Camp. Not wanting to give up the job I love, and with the blessing of my amazing boss (a little sucking up never hurts), the decision was made for me to work full-time for Village from the comfort of my spare room/office in the Garden City.

People often tell me that they wouldn’t be able to work from home because they would get distracted too easily and find it hard to motivate themselves to get work done. I agree that working at home takes some discipline but, really, it’s just like working in the anywhere else – you still have to manage your time, be organised, and generally get stuff done.

Liaising with clients is easy too; email, phones, Skype – that’s how we all communicate anyway, regardless of geographical proximity.

Me being in Christchurch is also handy for clients with a branch down south, and for those thinking of expanding, I’m like their own marketing ‘man on the ground’ with a little local knowledge going a long way.

Regardless of where you are in NZ, we’re the team to partner with to amplify your business.